Yeah yeah i know this is not the way anyone wants to be introduced but hey, The steak is perfect and i ws trying to savor the herbs and spices. Anyways.AFter the passing of my mother margret Rawlins ii now have the responsibility of takng care of my 16 year old sister skipper,my 10 year old sister Chelsea and my 2 year old Kelly. Everything seems like a blastbut its hard work.


1.Skipper is lazy..she periodly does not like to help.02-20-17_7-16-28-pm

2.Kelly is a very fussy baby02-20-17_6-45-31-pm

3. Kelly likes to make messes02-20-17_8-36-56-pm

we live in a huge house on the beach so my views are awesome though helps me cool off when kelly is fussy02-20-17_7-18-36-pm02-20-17_8-35-28-pm

All in alll i think this is going to be a great journey.


Wait……Where’s Chelsea!!!


Back after my Hiatus

So after a few months of being AWOL i am back to start posting on a regular basis.Now the sims 4 as i had stated in my last post was starting to get dull and drab and it was really lacking all the things that i needed to complete my full on family based Lets plays so i decided to go back toΒ Sims 4Β ..Then boom.They introduced toddlers to the sims four and all hell broke loose. I have had some time to really play with the cute little critters and found the joy of logging in to play the sims 4 once again so this time i will be doing a sims 4 Barbie story.Staring Barbie Roberts and her Bae Ken Carson and her sisters skipper,Chelsea and Kelly as i remember the from the books…I will try as much as possible to keep you guys posted on whats to come but i do hope to post the first few pages before the week end.

Meet major and Jeyonce

Here is the story of major and jeyonce..high school friends who basically have had the most fun  u can think of and now fallin in love with each other

After highschool they both decided to take a break and move on with their lives but who knew that major moving to willow creek meant bumping into his old flame….could this have been destiny…it was a true happymoment for them both..


The Sims 3

The sims 3 has called to me …I miss my toddlers so much.. I really do. So its back to the sims 3 I go to do something a bit more focused… I can’t tell a good story of family lifestyle on the sims 4 mainly because they have removed one of the most important elements of the game…so its  with  a happy heart that I must revisit the sims 3….I enjoy playing with family….going to the beach or just enjoying the festivals of seasons.

For the first story we will be following the life of Elizabeth Taylor… Elizabeth  had just gotten out of a horrid and abusive relationship with her boyfriend and he kept stalking her…on the night of her almost death she met a woman…who helped her to escape and she made her move to Hidden Springs….. Not everyone knows of this small town so Elizabeth hopes to say hidden and start over clean… She has to clear the slate n start fresh ….starting with her name…but can she start a fresh life when she lives in constant fear of being found? Stay tuned

Starting over…a note from the author

So for some stupid reason I moved my saved files to a folder on my desk top and then without thinking I deleted the folder…😟😟stupid!!!so now I will have to start over…and I hate doing that so I have cancelled this story and I am now going to start filling the life of Paris hilton…we all are wondering whatever happened to Paris hilton…well as we know Paris is wealthy but by birth and people keep underestimating her…they think she bought her way…so Paris wants to prove to everyone that she’s not jus money and good looks….that she actually has a brain too….. Sooo Paris set out on her own…with no money ..starting from her apartment…(nb..I don’t have city living so I can pretend)and working her way towards her goal of enetering the fashion career..Paris is sweet…she’s fabulous an she is also attractive…those are her traits

Club Night-She dropped rules!!

So it’s a saturday,im feeling trill as fuck , you know…that shits a normal mood for me…but bruh im not even gon lie that night…. Lit!!

So i went down to Windenburg..Yall know saturday nights at the Narwhal Arms is Lit! I … ofcourse invited Ria out with me…now Ria aint the party type but for some reason she decided to come so you know im thinking…yasss boi she feeling a nigga…anyways we get to the club shits going great.11-22-16_9-07-24 PM.png

We stood outside talking cause i had to convince her its going to be chill asf…i was like ..

Ria dont worry i got chu….u with me u ain need to be nervous...”

 That calmed her down and shit so i was able to… you know…Go in a lil deeper. we went up into the club…

She doesnt drink so u know she didnt even want  a drink but i guess the music was getting into her system she started breaking down nigga… and my oh my that outfit that she was wearing oh sweet lord it was everythinng on her…

Now yall know me ….yall knooows me well!


So i went in with the swweet talk…she was nervous but i guess i made her comfortable cause she held unto me and was kissing me and shit…Felt like she had always wanted me to..Im not gon lie…amazing feels bruh. I did not mind at all, i loved this feeling.11-22-16_9-18-34-pm

We kisssed, we danced , we talked,  we laughed…Im usually the type to hit it and quit it but when i saw ria and looked into her perfect eyes…I knew it…She was the one….as usual however i fuck shit up so the memory and the fun was short lived till i got home…11-22-16_9-22-03-pm

Bruh when i got home i was in the kitchen geting water and my computer screen lit the fuck up i hear 

 “ping ping ping

so i go to check cause im tryna know who hitting a nigga up so early in the morning naw mean..11-22-16_9-30-57-pm

Lo and behold…Its briana wanting to come over early in the morning..But i dont want tht bitch in my house so early… so i met  her ass in the alley..11-22-16_7-54-21-pm

of course her hoe ass only wanted to fuck..i coulda fucked her but nah i kept thinking of Ria…plus Brianna kept telling me how she had feeling for me and shit so i had to call an intervention so i hit up my home boi Dario… told him ” meet at the blue velvet i need to tlk“..

He was like “aiight bro i got chu….”11-22-16_6-47-07-pm

(Speaking of which ima need to hit up the Gym cuz this nigga getting buff out here while i got chicken noodle ass arms)

Anyways i explained the situation to my boi cause u know hes a great advisor..and ofcourse he was cool abt it..gave some good ass advice too..He was like..well if you love ria thats who ur heart should be for…Thottianna will get over it…(LOL I WAS DEAD ASF WHENN HE SAID THATπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)


Early tht morning when i got back home, boi that shit had me thinking hard asf yo…..But i Had to make my decision..

Calvin da Great

What it do what it do !!! It’s ya boi calvin …da great and im here because yall will be following the story of my life…

So i was a twin, but my twin brother corey got shot when we was 18 …

We used to be into some bad shit and corey was pushin drugs to help my moms while i was finishing school. 

We may be twins bruh…but we aint got the same mentality at all. He chose the path that he chose and he had to learn the hard way..I miss my brother though cause it wasnt ‘pose ‘ to go down like that and i will find the mother fucker that pulled the trigger…word to everything nigga…But anyways my bro always told me…

Yo Calvin when u get settled u better hoold it down“…Nigga Hold what down..Tf onlything im holding is a glock for the nigga that shot chuuu..Fawk you mean…


Naw but For reals my bro always had my back…I met this girl once when i moved to willowcreek named Brianna…..Truth be told shes fine as fuck but she aint Wife Material at all ..she got a nasty attitude but i still fucks with her…When i met Ria….Man thats wifey right there yo i proposed to her that same fucking year bruh cause she is everything a nigga could need yo… But some part of me was still tryna fuck shit up…Nahhhh mean….I am a FUCKBOY!! im proud to say tha tooo…. but i also got mad love for ria and she keep forgiving me so why stop you know….shid …shes a rider…. Stay tuned for chapter 2 tho its finna be Lit!!

Troys story

So here’s the deal with troy…troy was dating this baddie named  Stacy…(she ain’t a baddie no Moe cause she gained hella weight…bitch out her looking like a laughing cow paid advertisement) anyways they had a son  and she named him Corey…(bruh ion even think Corey is his… Lil dude look hella questionable)…but my homeboi happy so whatever….what’s aggy is that hes tryna be there for his son but Stacy don’t want him to …..I advice him to keep looking after his boy…..she going thru a phase now n if she take yo ass to court when u stop she can win 

There she go….πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Elijah Goodwin

ELIJAH ELIJAH ELIJAH…..sigh …where do i begin…well elijah grew up with the mentality that women were nothin more than trophies…i guess this is why he plays so many games..elijah is a fuck boi.. He gets any woman he wants whenever he wants…he is often attracted to the resistant kind but hes yet to meet a girl tht has resisted his charm. He calls it karma nd i call it….heck idek wtf to call it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Will eli find his resistant girl? Will he ever settle?